1. Business Services

    IT Tech & Security business services are designed with small and medium size businesses in mind. Our certified technicians provide fast, affordable business computer service and technical computer help - offering same day, weekend and evening appointments. Let us be your IT department for a fraction of the cost! Business Services offer: Server Installation and Support Anti-virus and Internet Security Solutions Managed Services Data Backup and Recovery Website Design and Hosting Technology Consulting Troubleshoot and Repair Remote Managed Services Network Monitoring and Management Remote Data Backup Computer and Network Security Shared Internet Office Solutions Email Server and Mobile Device Support

  2. Residential Services

    IT Tech & Security provides fast, affordable solutions to residential clients. Our certified technicians can provide service direct to your home or residence on the same day you call, including weekends and evenings. Let us take care of all of your computer repair and service needs! Residential Services offer: Anti-virus and Internet Security Solutions Wireless Networking Data Backup and Recovery High-Speed Cable DSL Modem Setup Troubleshoot and Repair Software error or corrupted Shared Internet Office Solutions Additional Services

  3. Graphic and Printing

    We offer a full range of marketing services including affordable solutions for Graphics, Web Design and Print to promote excellence in visual communications for institutions Advertising Annual Reports Brochures / Business Cards / Fliers Direct Mail Invitations / Post Cards Logo Design Posters / Banners Trade Show Materials/Exhibit Graphics

  4. Web Design+SEO

    We offer web design, web development & internet marketing solutions. We specialize in catering diversified web designing needs of people all over the globe. We deliver high quality web designing service, always exceeding our client's expectations. We do many custom web designs to create creative and appealing web site designs that can communicate well your corporate message with Search Engine Optimization. Fast, affordable & custom website design solutions Website Design & Development (WordPress) e-commerce Search Engine Optimisation Multimedia & e-learning Solution Flash solution Logo Design Software Development Website Maintenance and support Web Design and Development We are a decade old web design and development Company having expertize on Static and Dynamic websites using php/mysql,.Net programming, magento, wordpress, joomla. Web Application Maintenance and Support Our maintenance includes Technical help desk support, improvements, website, upgrade application and Testing. Multimedia and Logo Designs We also provide complete rich multimedia design solution and Interactive CD presentation, Corporate identity, designing, brochure and complete print media solutions. Flash Projects e-@IM Technologies features a collection of high end customized Flash games, flash intros, flash templates and flash presentations. We provide One-Stop Design &Programming Solutions for all your flash projects.  Search Engine Optimization To promote your website in the engines some basic steps ie keywords selection, metatags, link building, structure, indexing and listing on search engines. Software Application Development We also offer custom software and Web application development solutions using.NET, Zend Framework, iPhone Application Development, PHP/MySQL ,Magento, Ruby on Rails, Joomla, Drupal.

  5. Repair Services

    We service all types of electronics. We fix broken and damaged cellular phones Whether your screen is shattered or your phone went through a wash cycle. We specialize in cell phone repair and sales of new and used phones. We handle issues from water damage to broken screens. In most cases, we offer same day, in-house repairs. You will appreciate great rates 70% less than the price charged by major brands. PC and Mac Desktop and laptop Monitor, TV Blackberry phones, iPhone, iPod, iPad any apple products and more electronic devices

  6. Security Cameras and CCTV Surveillance Equipment

    Our experienced technicians will provide complete professional installation of Security cameras, Surveillance video and DVR Systems. Provide you with professional installation of visible or covert cameras and run all necessary cables and wires at location. Complete Security System Package: 4 cameras Sony ccd night vision Outdoor / Indoor Cameras with 1TB 4 Channel DVR Complete System installed 8 cameras Sony ccd night vision Outdoor / Indoor Cameras with 1TB 8 Channel DVR Complete System installed 16 cameras Sony ccd night vision Outdoor / Indoor Cameras with 1TB 16 Channel DVR Complete System installed For estimate and appointment Call us now. sonycam WHO NEEDS SECURITY DVR CAMERA SYSTEM? RETAIL STORES: Retail stores, both big box and small box, are often targets of theft, but if someone knows they're being watched, they may be less inclined to commit the theft. If someone does decided to go forward with the theft, then you'll be well prepared. With a properly installed Surveillance Security Camera System, not only will you have video evidence, but this can be burned to a DVD or placed on a USB thumb drive and given to law enforcement. Not only will you be able to prevent theft, but lower theft means, lower shrinkage, which means more profits! SCHOOLS: Schools aren't the same as they used to be. Kids are bringing guns, knives, buying/selling drugs and with gangs walking the hallways a Security DVR system is a much needed tool, not only to monitor the halls and students, but it can help the school security or police solve disputes, should they occur. This will also help your school staff monitor students wondering the halls when they should be in class. PARKING LOTS: Parking lots are frequent targets of theft, due to the fact that no one's present to witness the break-in. A properly installed Surveillance Camera Security System can help with that. Today's security camera technology will give you the ability to capture extremely high levels of detail, such as license plates and facial close ups which are critical. With higher detailed images and footage, the chances of identifying the assailant are much higher. The security cameras also act as a theft deterrent system. If spotted by the assailant, they may think twice before breaking into any of the vehicles. RESIDENTIAL HOMES: Home invasions happen every day and most of the time, no one's home and very few, if any, witnesses. With a properly installed security DVR camera system, that won't be a problem. You will have the ability to capture footage of everything going on inside and outside of your home. The security cameras also act as theft deterrent devices, because if a theft actually sees one of your security cameras, they might think twice about committing the burglary. WHY DO I NEED A SECURITY DVR CAMERA SECURITY? PREVENT OR CATCH THEFT: Preventing theft is a big issue for any store owner or store manager. Creating a safe and friendly shopping environment for your customers is another top priority. Having a security camera system installed and visible will have a two pronged affect. First, your customers will feel safe knowing that someone is looking out for the well-being of them and their families. Second, if a potential theft knows that he/she is being recorded and watch, then they might be less likely to proceed with the theft. MONITOR EMPLOYEES: Employee productivity is essential to running a successful business and with a Security Camera System it will be easier for you to monitor your employee's productivity and as an added bonus, with Two-Way Audio option, you'll be able to listen to everything that's going on, plus you can even communicate and interact with everyone. MONITOR AND RECORD THE NANNY: Leaving your loved ones in care of others can be a hard thing to do, especially with the numerous accounts of abuse and maltreatment at the hand of the caretaker. A Surveillance Security Camera System can help you feel more at ease. With the ability to remotely log into your system, you can check in on your nanny or caretakers and with Two-Way audio, you will be able to hear everything and even communicate with your caretaker. And, with today's cleaver covert style security cameras, your nanny or caretaker won't even know that they're being recorded. PREVENT FRAUDULENT SLIP AND FALLS: Statistics show that 15% of all job related injuries are caused by a slip or fall. There have also been cases where these slip and fall accidents have been staged in an effort to claim Workers' Compensation Benefits, and in some cases, insurance payouts. Having a surveillance security camera system installed and visible, will help you catch footage of these accidents and if the victims attempts to collect insurance money or workers comp benefits, you'll be able to provide the insurance company with the footage of the accident.
    iPhone, iPad, Android AND Blackberry Phone Applications: Not everyone carries a computer with them everywhere, so monitoring your security camera DVR system can be difficult, but we have you covered. We are a FREE smart phone application that enables you to remotely log into your security camera DVR system and view your cameras. Our smart phone applications are available for download on the Apple iTunes store and the Android Market Place.

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